Why Alliance Basment Solutions

Alliance are a well known and long established Company within the Waterproofing Industry.

Our main objective is to provide our Clients with experience and reliability through every step of the process whilst entrusted with your property.

As all home owners know your property is one of the biggest investments you will ever make and therefore choosing the right people to carry out any remedial or improvement works should be as important as the decision to purchase the property as this could be the difference between losing, maintaining or increasing property value. 

Basements and all below ground structures require a level of protection to eliminate risks of flooding from the ingress of ground and surface water. A basement maximises potential space, is thermally efficient, strengthens the structure and increases the property price. Basements are waterproofed for such things as storage, car parks, accommodation, gyms, swimming pools etc.

There are various ways to waterproof a basement and choosing the correct method depends on the following factors. The first being ‘what the basement is going to be used for’. Different levels of environmental performances are required depending on the basement usage. The British Standards BS 8102:2009 defines these levels as grades 1 to 3.

Grade 1 – Some seepage and damp areas tolerable. Inappropriate for dwelling.

Grade 2 – No water penetration acceptable but water vapour and damp areas are tolerable.

Grade 3 – No water penetration or water vapour acceptable. Completely dry environment.

The majority of basements are for domestic accommodation which is Grade 3. Garages and car parks for example may not need to be entirely damp free and would be classed as Grade 2. You can always upgrade from Grade 2 to 3 but it’s always best to construct a basement as Grade 3 saving time and money at a later date.