Cellar Repair



Cellar conversions are very popular in the cities where space is at a premium and there is next to no garden. A typical cellar was the coal store or just an underground dumping area for things irrelevant of them getting wet.  Nowadays, however, there is a fashion to convert the old coal houses into stores, offices, utility rooms or saunas. 


Most commonly used would be the 8mm cavity drainage membrane due to the cost difference between a cement render and membrane (the membrane being the cheaper and more reliable option)

It is also easier to take the cellar to a finish with plasterboard with the membrane as you can fix through the membrane with the waterproof plugs.

Top tip if converting a cellar is to make sure the air is getting mechanically changed this will stop mold appearing and damaging the contents

(please look at the http://www.alliancetimber.com/services/condensation-control.php web page for more details on Positive Pressure Fans).

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