Sump Pumps & Battery Backup


Sump pumps are a necessary evil, no one wants a pump but it’s the most important component in the design of any basement solution.

Pumps come in a wide and varied variety from all the manufacturers, from a single pump in a chamber to a full Telematics system which will phone you if there is a fault with your pumping station.

It is recommended that systems should be installed with a twin pump arrangement.  This design adds in some resiliency in the event that one of the pumps should fail, the second pump can take over, in addition to this should the water volume increase and the first pump cannot cope with the volume, the second pump will kick in to assist with this.



Another safeguard is to install a battery backup pump or a UPS connected to one of the pumps in the chamber (Uninterruptible Power Supply). This will automatically fire the pump when required if the power fails and will last until the battery runs out of charge (all these systems have an intelligent charging mechanism to keep the battery at peak performance)

It should be remembered that that the charging unit or battery should be keep well out of the way of the water on a suitable shelf or ledge.