Cavity Drainage Membrane for Walls


Cavity drainage membrane allows water to pass down the back of the membrane into the channel below. The membrane on the wall normally has 8mm dimples (looks like small egg boxes)

There are two main types of wall membranes these are a) standard 8mm dimple and b) an 8mm dimple with the added benefit of a lathe layer - this allows plaster to be directly applied to the membrane if t

he area is restricted for space or you need to match into an original feature.  If the lathe membrane is used then you need to have a good strong sub straight as lots of plugs need to be used to support the plaster.

It is important to note that the membrane is fixed using special waterproof plugs and is fixed through the membrane unlike the traditional “Tanking Slurry’s”.


Floor membranes are similar to the wall membranes but have bigger dimples normally 20mm, this allows the water to pass freely under the membrane to the peripheral channel without blocking.

It is normal to coat the new concrete slab with an anti-lime treatment before any membrane is installed.

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