Clean Space Wall



This is the modern way of sealing a sub floor void with an anti-microbial membrane, this membrane was specially developed in the USA only for this use, it is almost impossible to rip or tare due to its multi-layer construction.

The membrane comes on a huge roll 15m x 7m so normally the membrane is installed in one piece, it doesn’t just run across the floor but up the walls and is sealed at the leading edge with a non-set mastic so fully sealing the sub floor from the damp earth below.

The membrane is also bright white and will radiate heat back into the property thus saving on fuel bills over the cold winter months. It will also allow you to store items under the floor much like your loft without fear of damage.


Using the Cleanspace under the floor you can insulate below the Cleanspace to further lower your heating bills, this is a very efficient and cost effective way of achieving a warmer home.  TerraBlock® crawl space floor insulation is a smart upgrade to install. It can be installed over a dirt or concrete floor.